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Dr Knoell Consult Ltd

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DR. KNOELL CONSULT GmbH was founded in 1996 in Mannheim, Germany. There are now offices in Mannheim, Leverkusen, and Berlin as well as in the Netherlands, Switzerland, UK, Spain, France, Portugal, Thailand, USA, Japan, Korea, China and Brazil.

With more than 450 employees worldwide, the knoell group of companies are full-service providers in the areas of global regulatory affairs, product safety and consulting for agrochemicals, biocides, industrial/speciality chemicals, human & veterinary pharmaceuticals, medical devices and cosmetics. Our services include, for example, the evaluation of data completeness, compilation and assessment of raw data, preparation of risk assessments and dossiers for submission to the relevant authorities, or preparation of Safety Data Sheets.

Please see our website for further information or contact us at hr.knoellUK@knoell.com

Website: Dr Knoell Consult Ltd

Dr Knoell Consult Ltd

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