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PETNET Solutions

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PETNET Solutions, a Siemens Company, is the leading distributor of PET radiopharmaceuticals in the US. With a nework of radiopharmacies, PETNET guarantees ontime, reliable delivery of PET radiopharmaceuticals. PETNET Solutions operates the largest PET radiopharmacy network with over 44 radiopharmacies and distribution centers at multiple locations that produce and distribute PET radiopharmaceuticals to hospitals, clinics, and research facilities for PET imaging.

As molecular imaging evolves, PETNET Solutions delivers products and services that expand the value of PET to providers, referring physicians and patients. PETNET Solutions is delivering, expanding, and advancing the science of PET. As a leader in radiopharmaceutical distribution, we know it's all about expertise.

At PETNET Solutions, our experienced technical specialists understand what it takes to run a successful PET imaging program. They work with you to ensure you realize the maximum benefit from PETNET Solutions' comprehensive portfolio.


Phone: 01344 850450

Website: PETNET Solutions

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