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The Best CV Buzzwords

by CK Group

There are a number of ‘feel good’ buzzwords or phrases that you should use on your CV or application to help make your CV or application form sparkle.

The following competencies and associated keywords may help you when putting together a CV or application form:


Advised, co-operated, counselled, facilitated, guided, managed, negotiated, participated, presented, supervised.


Implemented, Improved, instigated, interpreted, initiated, inspired, introduced, investigated, account for, resolved, executed.

Taking the Initiative

Created, designed, developed, devised, directed, established, formulated, innovated, motivated, negotiated, organised, originated, lead, innovation, instigate.

Coping with routine

Conscientious, consistent, controlled, coped, dealt with, efficient, managed, performed, meticulous, participated.


Accomplished, achieved, co-ordinated, created, developed, formulated, revitalised, recommended.

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