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Top 25 Mistakes to Avoid at Interview

by CK Group

Following a recent poll via Linked, asking "In your opinion, what is the worst mistake someone could make at an interview?"

CK Science can now reveal the top 25 mistakes to avoid at an interview, as decided by professionals registered on Linkedin:

1. Speaking negatively about a former employer.

2. Showing up late.

3. Showing up too early.

4. Not having the appropriate interview appearance.

5. No doing your homework about the company.

6. Not knowing the role and position you have applied for.

7. Revealing your need for job at the interview.

8. Showing that you are desperate, or really worried about your financial or career situation.

9. Embellishing your CV.

10. Talking too much.

11. Not enough/too much eye contact.

12. Chewing gum.

13. Folding your arms.

14. Asking about holidays and sick pay policies.

15. Talking about family problems.

16. Not showing up for an interview and not calling to reschedule.

17. Answering the phone or texting during an interview.

18. Not being truthful about the role you have played in past projects.

19. Inability to match your background with the demands of the job.

20. Not answering the question that is asked.

21. Not bringing a copy of your CV with you.

22. Chatting up the female interviewer.

23. Bringing your mother with you.

24. Slouch in your chair.

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