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Chemistry Industry Job Interview Tips

by Lorna Crombie at CK Group (Science, Clinical, Engineers and IT Recruitment)

CK Science is a specialist scientific and engineering recruitment company. On a day-to-day basis our specialist scientific recruitment consultants are asked about the best ways to prepare for an interview within the chemistry industry and the main questions that are asked. The main question that is asked is as follows:

• What is the best way to apply your knowledge to the company"s products?

- In order to successfully apply your knowledge throughout the interview, we strongly recommend that candidates do the following

1. Revise the basics and further knowledge from their chemistry background.

2. Research the company by looking at their website (useful pages are likely to be the "News" and "About Us" pages on their website).

3. Once you have done your research, a great way to ensure that you apply this knowledge is to apply the STAR technique throughout the interview. STAR stands for Situation/Task, Action and Results and can be applied in the following way:

a. When answering the interview question, first describe the relevant situation or task, then the action you underwent, and finally the results you obtained. By structuring each answer in such a way, you are able to ensure that you answer clearly and in structured way. This is great as clients are often looking for clear practical examples in your answers.

About CK Science

CK Science is the largest independent scientific recruitment company in the UK. Our team of specialist recruiters are here to help you achieve your career ambitions within the scientific industry. We actively offer you careers advice, help with writing your CV, assistance with interview preparation and up-to-date information about the industry. We pride ourselves on providing an honest, straight-forward and trustworthy service to both our clients and candidates.

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