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Following up on Interviews... expert advice

by Tim Stevenson at Matchtech

The other week I had a candidate attend an interview and despite performing very well he was not offered the position as the hiring managers weren’t convinced that the position was the right level for the candidate. After rejecting the candidate for this reason the candidate took it upon himself to send me an email reiterating his interest in the company and desire to work for them should a similar role become available and this was passed to one of the hiring managers. After receiving this email the hiring managers reconsidered their decision and decided to offer the candidate a contract position which may lead to a permanent position should a more senior role become available in the future.

Therefore here are a few tips for what candidates can do following their interview to increase their chances of being successful:

1) Follow-up with a telephone call to the employer within a week to ten days to ask about the position.

2) Do be patient. The hiring process often takes longer than the employer expects.

3) Don’t burn any bridges if you do not get a job offer. If the company is currently recruiting then there are likely to be other opportunities within the same organisation in the future.

4) Alert your references — if you have not done so already — that they may be getting a phone call from the employer.

5) Don’t stop job-hunting, even if you feel confident that you will get a job offer. Do continue to interview and attempt to find other opportunities.