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CV Advice & Tips

by Ricky Martin at Hyper Recruitment Solutions

Before looking at the CV advice and tips below, there is one key piece of advice to consider:

"Employers / Recruiters can review a few hundred CVs a day and your suitability could be determined in the first 30 seconds."

For this reason you need to make sure your CV content stands out, whilst providing the most relevant information in a clear and concise manner. Investing time in your CV content will save the reviewer time and maximise your chances of successful job applications.

Permanent: 2 - 3 pages It is recommended that this is up to 2 pages in length but for those who have worked for a number of companies / projects this may go on to a third page.

Contract: 3 - 4 pages Similar to permanent you want to aim to be in the 2-3 page length but for those who have worked on multiple short term projects / assignments this may need to go to 4 pages. A CV which is in excess of four pages should be discussed with your HRS consultant, as we may be able to offer advice and recommend changes to prevent it being too lengthy.

HRS can help you to achieve your career ambitions and to allow us to do so we need to ensure you have the right CV in place for the job applications in question. Whether you are looking for a job in science, engineering, or technology the formula to the right CV is the same.

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