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Staying Awake at Work

by CK Group

Are you struggling to keep your eyes open at your desk? Here are some practical ways to help you stay awake and stay productive:

Tackle the root cause

A number of things can cause tiredness in the workplace, here are just a few: - Poor diet - Too much or too little exercise - Staying up to late - Interrupted sleep - Alcohol abuse - Caffeine addiction Once you have identified which factor is causing your tiredness, you are one step closer to being on top form at work.

Get some rest

This may sound obvious but it is important that you get at least 8 hours sleep per night in order for your body to repair damaged cells and regain energy levels.

Eat breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day − it is important that you fuel your body with energy so you are fully prepared for the day ahead.

Stay hydrated

Dehydration in itself is a massive cause of tiredness. Keep a glass of water by your desk and you will be surprised at how refreshed you will feel after a few sips.

Get your heart rate up

Get your heart rate up by taking a brisk walk up and down the stairs − your mind will go into exercise mode and you will wake up almost immediately.

Are you bored, worried or stressed out?

Feelings such as these can often make us feel fatigued as they produce nervous tension in our bodies which can often drain us of energy.

Eat fruit

Fruit is a great source of sustained energy, whereas products containing refined sugars (Coke, chocolate) will perk you up for a few minutes but you will soon come crashing down and feel tired again.

Get some fresh air

A blast of fresh air will keep you feeling refreshed and awake.

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