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How to prepare for your interview...

by CK Group

Give yourself a pat on the back- you've got an interview for that perfect science job! You have obviously impressed your potential employer through your well-written CV and the next step is to bowl them over at interview.

The key to success during a scientific interview is preparation. Through good preparation you are more likely to win over the interviewer and convince them that you are the best man or woman for the scientific job.

Below you will find some useful advice as to how best to prepare for an interview within the scientific industry:

1. Research the Employer

By demonstrating to the interviewer that you are clued up about the company and what they do within the scientific arena, you are showing them that you mean business and are serious about getting this science job. Some great ways to research the company are as follows:

  • Visit the company website
  • Get hold of company brochures
  • Read company press releases and news articles.

2. Research yourself

Many employers within the scientific industry will ask competency based questions during interview. Competency based interview questions tend to focus on a specific skill or competency. Typical questions include:

  • Give me an example of when you have had to organise something?
  • Give me an example of when you have had to plan your time effectively?Give me an
  • of when you have worked as part of a team? A great place to start in order to prepare for these types of interview questions is to think really think about you and your background
  • What experience have you gained in the scientific industry?
  • What are your strengths? How can your strengths be applied to the scientific role?
  • What skills are required for the science job? Do you have any experience that demonstrates that you have these skills? Asking yourself these questions of yourself is a great way to prepare for competency based interview questions.

3. Look the Part

Decide what you are going to wear the day before the interview. It is a good idea to find out from your recruiter the culture and dress code of the organisation and dress accordingly, if not a little smarter. Remember that less is more. After all, you want to be remembered for the right reasons.

4. Don't be late!

Prior to the interview it is advisable to do a test run. This will eliminate the stress of getting lost or being late on the day of the interview. It is a good idea to arrive ten minutes before the interview is due to start and allow enough time in case you get stuck in traffic.

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