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How to Weigh Up a Counter Offer

by CK Group

So you've just been counter offered? Here are a few things to consider to help you decide whether to stay or whether to go:

  • Does the offer tackle the root cause of your dissatisfaction?
  • Does the counter offer tackle those underlying factors which were causing you dissatisfaction in the first place?
  • How would accepting the offer impact on your relationships with your colleagues?
  • Should word get out about your counter offer, would this damage the relationship you have with your colleagues?
  • Does the offer satisfy your long-term career aspirations?
  • Think about your long-term career aspirations - which position makes the best use of your skills and offers strong professional development options?
  • Why has it taken your resignation to make your current employer show you that they value you?
  • Why has it taken a situation such as this for your current employer to give your more responsibilities and increase your salary?
  • If one of the reasons you were looking for a new position was that you felt undervalued, this is an important factor to consider. Will your current employer be less trusting of you?
  • Could the fact that you have been looking around for new opportunities mean that your current employer sees you as less trustworthy?
  • Will this hinder your prospects for future promotion?
  • Is the grass really greener on the other side?

It is very easy to assume that this is the case. By counter offering you, your current company are demonstrating that you are of real value to them. If you are able to negotiate the offer to tackle those issues that were causing you dissatisfaction in the first place, accepting may well be your best option. After all, who's to say that you wouldn't be in the same position with the new company in 6 months time?

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