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Top 10 tips for writing a CV: No4. Get the important info on the first page

Posted by Neville Rose at CV Writers

This is why CVs need to be adapted for each new application. What"s important for one job may not be so for the next. Whatever you believe is most relevant for the job in hand − make sure you hit them with your wherewithal early on.

Why not spread the love over two pages?

..Because the reader might not get that far if your first page doesn"t grab. Write your work experience in reverse chronology. Generally, recruiters are most interested in what you"ve done recently. So concentrate efforts on your latest achievements and get these on the front page. Earlier jobs can go later.

But some of my early experience is more relevant?

If it"s more than 5 years ago then tough. The way around this is to re-structure the CV so that you have a comprehensive skills and competencies section (using examples from earlier jobs) on the front page. This will then demonstrate you"ve got what it takes without the reader having to refer back.

It all comes down to time (or lack of) on the part of most recruiters. Remember − less than 10 seconds will be spent reading your CV. Make those seconds count.

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