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Top 10 tips for a tip top CV: No1. Keep it short

by Neville Rose at CV Writers

It's a fact that most recruiters spend only seconds skim reading most CVs. You have to attract attention very quickly. A 2 page CV is sufficient for 90% of job seekers. Most of the important stuff should go on the FIRST PAGE. This is the page that gains most attention.

Who said length wasn't important?

There are exceptions of course. If you're a student or graduate, you should be able to get all your information on a 1 page CV. If you're an academic with lots of publications to your name then you may need a 3 or 4 page CV.

In general though don't be tempted to think that a long CV will impress. It's more likely to turn off than turn on. Engage the reader quickly and leave them wanting more....

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