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What do Recruitment Consultants look for on your CV?

- Chronological Order

Make sure your CV is in chronological order, with no gaps. If there are gaps, it is harder for the Consultants to piece together where you have worked.

- List all techniques and experiences List all the techniques and experiences you dealt with for each position. This clearly highlights to us that you are right for the position we are recruiting for.

- Make sure all information is correct All information on your CV should be grammatically correct, with no spelling mistakes or errors in terms of the technical language used.

- Include all relevant information List your current and previous employer details in full. You need to list how long you worked at the organsiation, the specific position you held there and all the accountabilities and responsibilties that were key to your role. It is also useful for your Recruitment Consultant if you list your saes for your current and previous roles. This is not essential, but it can help us match you to the right job for you.

- References List all your references on your CV. This will help speed up the recruitment process for both you and us.

- Less is more Lists of endless publications are not always relevant − we recommend that you only list the most important and relevant publications.

- Include contact details Suprisingly, some candidates often miss this section out. Make sure you include your email address, home telephone number and mobile number.

For more information regarding CV tips and careers advice please take a look at our website http://ckscience.co.uk/candidates/advice/ our Chesterfield office a call on 0114 283 9956 or email info@ckscience.co.uk.